Thursday, May 23, 2013

Summer is just around the bend!

As our kids are getting out of school and summer plans take shape, I'd like you all to keep something in mind. We will take photos of all summer of vacations, picnics, and all those summer events. We will get those pages done, documenting those special memories so they will never be forgotten. As memory keepers we take pride in displaying those memories for all to enjoy. We document the events in our families lives. But who is documenting your life? Generations later, what will they know about you?

When was the last time you did a page about you. The music you love, or why you love summer so much. Have you ever done an album about yourself?

Woodstock middle school 6th graders have to do a scrapbook about a relative. I watched my sons do this assignment and wished it held more content of who the relative was. Of course we altered it after to include stories and photos. But it got me thinking of how important it is for those later generations to know and understand who we are. I want to know my grandparents struggles but never will. How hard it must have been to live apart till my grandfather sent for my grandmother to come to america. How did she run a farm while taking care of all her children for years while apart from her husband? I will never know.

These are why we save our family memories. So our grandkids will know where their personalities came from. When they have their own children, they will know, understand, and appreciate. Maybe you are fortunate to have your grandmother's diary, or letters from a relative.  Such insight is a priceless thing to possess.

Please don't underestimate the value of your own story. It will mean as much as your son's and daughter's childhood story to those whom you love and cherish.


Thursday, March 8, 2012

Creativity Must Not Be Sacrificed!

     I've been talking with some of you about the things that have been on my mind lately, and how I need to get it on the blog.  Well I finally have carved out enough time to sit down at the computer and start writing. Here we go...
     I've heard a reoccuring chant with new people who don't necessarily know that we are a scrapbooking store when they walk in.  The chant goes something like this, "Oh, it's a scrapbooking store. I used to scrapbook a lot and I loved it. I really miss it." Then I always ask them, "Why don't you scrapbook anymore?" And almost always the answer is, "I just don't have time anymore". It has me concerned because I'm hearing that a lot.  What was once something that people would carve time out for, many no longer are.  And I have to ask myself why.  What is it that is causing people to give up something that they used to love to do?
     My conclusion is this;  There has been a shift in our society.  Many are carrying heavy loads with the demands of work and family which are causing them to have to let go of the idea of sitting down to get creative.  I used to scrapbook two to three Friday nights a month, and could pretty much stay caught up.  However, since I opened up the store I often find it hard to make time for myself to scrapbook.
     Unfortunately, the thing I'm learning is if we don't take the time to access that part of our brain on a regular basis we struggle to get those creative juices flowing again.  I had the notion a while back that each of our staff would make a card and a page layout once a week, and we would offer up what we created to those who wanted to take advantage of just showing up, and putting together a pre-done project.  Interesting thing happened when we started running those card and layout days.  We found that we had quite a few people taking advantage of the "drop-in" format.  People are finding it hard to even carve out a couple hours to take a class these days.  That drop-in format allows them to come in on their time and work at their pace.  What I found even more interesting, is that I had ladies who were coming in to make cards after work, talking about how tired they were. However, when they sat down and made a card, they were excited, alert, and energized!  What's also interesting, is that since we have started having page layout days...In just a few months of doing 1-2 pages a week I have almost completed an album. 
     My point is this...We can't not do the thing we love because we feel like we can't justify a hobby taking that much of our time.  By not making this a priority in our lives, I fear that we are losing much of our creativity and walking around like flat zombies.  We all know these are, for many, difficult times and I think the tendency is to focus all our energy toward trying to fix the problems. So we don't sit down and take a break and put our noses in the thing that is going to renew us and give us excitement and passion.  Think I'm going overboard?  I'm not, and I'll tell you why; In November I went on a scrapbooking weekend with a friend and I had completed a book I was going to teach (with pictures and all).  The pictures were of a trip that we had taken to Galena Illinois with my In-laws for their birthdays back about 12 years ago.  Funny thing about doing that book was, as I looked at those pictures I had remembered the wonderful time we had together.  Those were easier times and in some ways, happier times.  My father-in-law looked healthy (he is now on dialysis) and we were all smiling in these pictures.  I thought it was just me getting sentimental but soon found out it wasn't.  The first words out of my husbands mouth when he saw that book were, "We all were pretty happy back then, we smiled a lot". 
     Life can have some rough seasons in it, but I think that we can get through it a lot easier if we look back at the happier times.  When I do that it brings such a joy to my heart that another person, place or thing can't do for me.  A drug, exercise program, or new way of thinking isn't going to put the joy in my heart like looking at those older photographs does.  People say all the time,  "Boy you sure can drop a bucket full here." And yes, I guess you can.  But I look at it as therapy that fills me up and saves me from having to use medicine or other coping mechanisms to get through the days.
     That brings me to my last thought;  Photographs are important.  People are still taking as many pictures as they did say 5 years ago.  Probably even more, with the advent of Facebook and cameras on every phone.  I heard some advice when I took a class from Ali Edwards a while back, and one of the things she said was, "Print everything!" If you have ones that didn't turn out the way you what!  Give them to your kids.  They will have blast scrapbooking them along side you.  Digital was a great invention, but the sad reality was that the 35mm film forced us to take the film cannister in to get developed.  Giving us a bundle of printed memories.  Now with the age of digital pictures, we instantly look at our photos and then file them away on the computer, never to revisit them, enjoy them, or share them with others.  Without them in hand, we don't feel as much pressure or desire to do anything more with them.  So print EVERYTHING and let the creativity begin! I hope I can inspire you to physically print and create something today!
Kathy Benson

Saturday, January 28, 2012


Come on in and check out the fabulous SALE we are running while the boss is at the trade show. We need to make room for all the new product we will order at the show. Make sure to check out our facebook page next week. Kathy will be posting products and asking for your input. We want your opinion. Make sure you don't forget about our cards drop in EVERY Tuesday 10am to 6pm and Friday Layouts 10am to 6pm EVERY Friday. There will be four different ones to make and cards are $1each, Layouts $5. You will get 20% off the products used so you can make more. It's a great way to catch up and get ahead. Stay tuned to the blog for NEW ideas and projects!

Just in...
Tim Holtz Composer Tissue Wrap
New Valentine Stamps from Kaiser Craft
Heart Punches from EK Success
Un-Du back in stock

Check out...
Crate Paper Paper Heart Collection
Pebbles Valentine Collection
Knock Outs Border Punches from American Crafts

Friday, January 27, 2012


Packing and getting ready to leave for California today. Just can't wait to get to CHA and take a couple of classes and see all that new, delicious product out there!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Creativity Sparked

All these new Tim things always just spark me into creating. Here is a sample of what I have been doing.
These cards were made using the new Sizzix dies of Tim's, some kraft glassine, perfect pearls mists, kraft resist paper, Tim's embossing folders and distress stains.
First let me say the distress stains work great on the kraft resist papers. I also loved using them on the edges of things. The kraft glassine paper is very cool. Use the perfect pearl mists on them and the color beads up, so use a heat gun to dry. When you emboss or fold this paper the design shows up lighter. Really fun to play with. These cards are just a sample of a future class.

Make sure you come in to check out all the new things. Tim's crowded attic paper stash, and stickers, all the new ideaology trinkets, and the printers tray. We also got in some new colors of stickles, and liquid pearls. The pearls now come in some bright fun colors, and summer colors of stickles are in. These both are great for those finishing details. We also got Tim's stamps in this week. I am lovin the new design for his stamps. The image is on the foam side so you can see where you stamp. Very clever! Check out the set called "Reflections". Pure genius! This set stamps text or script backwards, for kissong other stamps with or using in the embossing folders. This way the final image come up forward. I LOVE this set. I'll have samples soon!

Check out the upcoming classes on the calender. Sam created a 7x7 album from the new My Minds Eye Stella and Rose line that is a beautiful book to hold your memories in. I have the fun Steampunk layout, and Lisa has a card class good for birthday celebrations.

Come in and see us. Let us know you follow the blog.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

April Happenings

We have been busy getting the April schedule up for you to see. Some great classes are there for you to check out. All the class descriptions on the calender have photos for you to see what the projects look like. Something special is scheduled for April... a Mother/Daughter crop on Sunday April 17, at 12pm to 5pm. Come join us for this special event for only $10. It is going to be a lovely time.

New in the store
....BoBunny Timepiece collection. This stunning collection done in browns, reds, & white perfect for travel, heritage, masculine, or family projects. I just love this collection! Come in and check it out.
....Boy & Girl glittered papers from Best Creations. These are going fast! Bright colors and boy papers have trucks, roads and hills. Girl papers are castle and princess. Too cute and not many left!
....Glittered Cardstock from Best Creations. This is my kind of glitter. It does not come off. We have 10 new colors. Brights and pastels.
....Embossing Folders from Sizzix. Seven new designs!

Upcoming..... National Scrapbooking Day May 7th. We will have a special Make n Take, giveaways & an All Day Crop.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

March Events

It has been a while, so let me fill you in on all the things we have coming up here. This Saturday is the All Day Crop! These crops have been very popular. It's great to have the day to get all caught up with the holiday and winter layouts. I had so much fun last month getting to know all of you through your layouts. I look forward to seeing all the creativity fly around this Saturday.
Last Chance
There is only one kit left for Monday's Glimmer Mist Winter Album. Call to get in on it before it's gone!
March Classes
We have some great CLASSES coming up in March. Some things I have had in the "oven" for a while, but they are ready to go, others have already sold out. So remember to call and sign up if there is something you are interested in.
...Productive Page Layering- "Family" Collection
..."Remember" 8x10 Album (2 left)
...Everyday Cards w/ Lisa
..."Flutter" 2Page Layout
...Glimmer Mist "Journey" Album (4 left)
..."Sophia" Layout
Something New for us is our Homeschooler Workshops
This month we offer two different projects, an Envelope Book, or Coaster Mini Album. Labeled for Homeschoolers, but cute enough for anyone. Check them out on our table at the register, and click on the calender link at the bottom of the page, for times on this class and all other classes.

Croppin' at The Abbey Resort 3/11-13
Get a jump on your projects and pamper yourself at the same time when you join us at the ABBEY RESORT. They really know how to do a crop well. Tons of space for you to work at, with very comfy chairs. Electric at your table, snacks, beverages, great rooms, good food, all in a beautiful setting. Check this out and join us.
We have make and takes planned, along with one class to offer you. We will be bringing along tools for you to use, like a Big Shot with assorted dies, a cricut machine, various punches and trimmers. We will also be bringing a MINI STORE to fill any needs you might have while you crop. I hope to see you there!

If you fell in love with the NEW microfine Glitters we had this past Christmas, then you will be glad to hear we have restocked with Spring colors and stunning Spring foil stickers. These are sure to go fast so check them out before they are gone. I am not a glitter girl, but I fell for these soft sparkly colorful beauties. I have been collecting my favorite colors. We have classes planned for this fabulous line of products!
Keep checking back for details.